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Straight Road Finisher

Straight road finisher is needed in highway, highway and airport projects where asphalt material is used. These machines are used to pour asphalt evenly and smoothly. At the same time, it compresses the poured asphalt and ensures that the asphalt does not crack. These machines made of heavy steel; It consists of conveyor, auger, screeds, motor and steel sheet.

Straight Road Finisher Models

Straight road finisher models have many models according to brands. According to the scope of the project, it is very important to choose the vehicles in the appropriate model for efficiency and time saving. According to the content of the project, investors should choose between wheeled or tracked machines. The details to consider when making a decision are the size of the project and the working conditions.

Wheel finisher: Wheeled models have two large wheels and four or more small wheels. If asphalt pouring will be done on a large area, wheeled models will be the right choice. It is also suitable for narrow spaces due to its high maneuverability. Long distances are completed in a short time thanks to the wheels. It is suitable for sites where asphalt is already present.

Tracked finisher: Designed for tough conditions, tracked models show high performance on tough surfaces such as mud and sand. Apart from flat surfaces, it also shows high performance on slopes and slopes. It is suitable for projects with full overcapacity due to its high traction power.

How Straight Path Finisher Works?

The working purpose of the straight road finisher is on pouring and compacting asphalt. The machine is generally used in highways, parking lots, walkways and other structures where asphalt is used. Since many models have tracks or tires, they are self-propelled. Some models are towed by dump trucks.

The most important parts of the pavers with their own wheels and pallets are the table and tractor parts. Although the main parts of the tractor vary from model to model; hydraulics, hopper, augers, conveyors and engine. This piece carries the screed that pours the asphalt. The table contains blades, vibrators, plates and sensors. All these parts make up the paver.

The road paver works together with the truck that carries the material. After the machine is running, the materials are sent to the back of the machine by the conveyor. The augers also begin to pour the material. The amount of feed should be determined according to the width of the project. As asphalt is poured, smoothing and compaction operations are also carried out. The thickness of the asphalt is determined by the hydraulic system.

Importance of Straight Road Finisher

Straight road finisher is one of the machines designed for the regular and firm application of asphalt to the surface. It distributes the heated material evenly on the surface. After compaction, a durable pavement is obtained. Pavers are of great importance for ensuring traffic and road safety. In order for the asphalt to be durable and not to crack, the asphalt must be poured and compacted in appropriate sizes.

The road paver provides high productivity on construction sites. It helps to complete the project in a short time. In order to eliminate the traffic problem, road constructions must be completed in a short time. Because of their versatility, asphalt pavers are also used in many projects where asphalt is involved. It has automation technology thanks to its sensitive sensors. It lays the asphalt according to the slope of the surface. It ensures that the cost of road construction is reduced by half. It prevents waste of materials.

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