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Slipform Concrete Finisher

Today, slipform concrete finisher is used for the construction of structures such as roads, bridges, parking lots, airports in a short time. These machines perform the laying of asphalt or concrete. It lays the asphalt or concrete at the desired slope and depth and then compacts it. Thanks to the development of technology, fixed mold pavers have been replaced by slipform pavers. These equipments have many advantages and functions.

Features and Performance of Slipform Concrete Finisher

The properties and performance information of the slipform concrete finisher are frequently investigated. Although the features of the machine differ according to the brand and model, some features are encountered in all models. The main features are:

  • The machine has high power, but it saves fuel because its fuel consumption is low.
  • Thanks to its crawler driving technology, it has the driving force.
  • It has smart cylinders thanks to its automation system and sensors.
  • It can be easily managed by the operator thanks to automation.
  • It has many advantages in terms of orientation and positioning.
  • Thanks to its maneuverability in narrow areas, it can be moved within the construction site.
  • It saves time and labor.
  • Thanks to the screen in the console section, it makes working easy.
  • The molds allow pouring different concretes such as road and barrier.

Technical Characteristics of Slipform Concrete Finisher

The technical features of slipform concrete finisher used for laying and smoothing concrete and asphalt are quite extensive. The pavers used in construction sites such as parking lots, highways, airfields, and square arrangements have many technical features. The main technical features are:

The majority of slipform pavers have a petrol or diesel engine. As a result of the developments in technology, there are models that work with electricity. The power of the engines used in the machines varies between 20 and 50 horsepower. Working width varies between 2 and 12 meters. As the casting width increases, the production volume also increases. An average sized paver has the capacity to process 600 cubic meters of concrete per hour.

The smoothing process of the poured concrete is carried out with steel blades. These blades, which are more than one, perform the correction of bubbles and curvatures on the surface. Vibration technology is included in the last designed pavers. With the vibrators in the machine, the defects on the surface are destroyed by vibration.

Slipform Concrete Finisher Benefits

Slipform concrete finisher is home to many advantages. These high-tech equipment work for perfect concrete and asphalt casting. Thanks to the vibration parts in the machine, the concrete material is placed on the ground at a high level and spreads. The concrete or asphalt spread on the floor is poured gracefully thanks to the sensitive sensors of the machine.

The slump values ​​of concrete used in slipform machines are low. Concretes with low sedimentation in terms of consistency allow for jointless coating. Slipform equipment also successfully performs the finishing process so that the joints do not open.

Compared to fixed formwork pavers, slipform pavers require less manpower. These machines require very little labor. Therefore, the investor can save both labor and time. Although the investment cost is high, it protects the investor’s budget in the long run. Since it uses the material effectively, it prevents the waste of concrete.

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