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Paving Vibrators

Paving vibrators are one of the most frequently used tools in the construction industry. These tools are used to consolidate freshly poured concrete or asphalt. The device is designed to eliminate air bubbles in the concrete and to homogenize the material. The motor it is connected to forms the power source. An electric or gasoline powered engine creates vibrations.

With vibration, the quality of the material is strengthened. Vibration tightens the material, allowing air bubbles to rise to the surface. This process is called consolidation. After this process, the material becomes more robust and durable. Paving vibrator types include:
Internal: Tools that are immersed directly into the surface. It is used in small scale projects.

External: The vibrator placed on the surface consolidates the material. It is used in large-scale projects and thick concrete structures.

Screed: It is used for leveling the concrete surface. It is preferred during concrete pouring.

What is Paving Vibrator?

Paving vibrators is also defined as concrete vibrators. The tool is used to consolidate concrete or asphalt during pouring. The vibrator, which is generally preferred in the construction field, is used to level the surface. It ensures the disappearance of air bubbles in the material. At the same time, it also supports the material to be denser and have a smooth texture.

The paving vibrator consists of a plate attached to a head. In the title; engine and eccentric weight. When the vibrator is turned on, the eccentric weight starts to rotate, producing high frequency vibration. Thanks to the vibration, the fluidity of the material is increased and it is compressed. In this way, air bubbles in the material are eliminated. Since air bubbles are eliminated, the strength of the material is maximized.

Advantages of Paving Vibrator

Paving vibrators are among the highly advantageous construction equipment. It helps to compact the concrete with higher quality as it generates a high amount of frequency. High-frequency vibrations cause air bubbles in the material to become a path. It ensures that the material in the mold is evenly distributed throughout the mold. As the density of concrete increases, it reduces the chance of crack formation.

With the compression of vibrators, the durability of concrete increases. While the density of the concrete increases with compression, it also reduces the pores. Concrete with increased density shows high resistance to temperature and environmental factors. The floor will have a long life. It is used in construction sites where a high level of flat surface is desired.

It saves time in concrete pouring. For this reason, it helps large-scale projects to be completed in a short time. It helps to significantly reduce the cost of regular maintenance of leveled floors. The vibrator is easy to use. It has a light weight as it is designed to be ergonomic.

Paving Vibrators Working Principle

Paving vibrators are usually mounted on the screed part of the paver machine. Vibrators should be placed on the table in strategic order. Each part has a motor with an eccentric weight. After the electric or gasoline engine is started, the weights begin to rotate. The resulting energy produces high frequency vibration. As the table moves, the vibration is reflected on the surface. Vibration makes the air bubbles in the material become the path. It ends the process by compacting the concrete.

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