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New Jersey Barrier

New Jersey barrier is generally used to regulate traffic on highways. It is produced from concrete in order to reduce the damage caused by the vehicle in the event of an accident. The barrier has a unique slope against damage caused by the vehicle. It is frequently used in social or military events as well as traffic regulation.

Thanks to its special design and rigid structure, New Jersey barriers have protective and separating properties. It prevents the vehicles from being thrown out of their lanes in possible traffic accidents. Concrete barriers are safer for motorcycle users than metal barriers. The maintenance fee is extremely low. It can be preferred with peace of mind in both permanent and temporary projects.

New Jersey Barrier Advantages

New Jersey barriers are one of the structures that can be used in many different areas in the city. It has many advantages due to the security it provides. It prevents the vehicle hitting the barrier from causing greater damage. For example, a vehicle hitting the barrier is less likely to roll over or cross into the opposite lane. The unique structure of the barrier prevents accidents from causing larger accidents. It also prevents the accident vehicle from damaging its surroundings.

The concrete barrier moves on the ground, reducing the impact of the vehicle. Barriers are versatile as they can be moved and mounted together. The average life of a barrier is 50 years. It can be used for many years as it is made of durable material. It doesn’t get old easily. Therefore, it is safer and more economical compared to steel or plastic barriers.

New Jersey Barrier Usage Areas

New Jersey barriers, which are generally used to divide roads, can be used easily in different areas. These areas are:

• Highways and ways,
• Sections of municipal roads,
• Institutions belonging to the police,
• Military barracks,

Barriers can also be used for security purposes against possible terrorist threats. It is preferred to minimize damage in vehicle crashes in order to ensure safety in traffic. It has a special design to organize the vehicle traffic on the roads and to separate them into directions.
It is generally produced as single or double sided. Special productions in different sizes are carried out for organizations. These barriers are mounted to each other with stainless steel parts. Since they are mounted with stainless steel, the amount of wear is less over time. As corrosion is reduced, the aesthetic appearance is protected.

New Jersey Barrier Variations

There are many variations of New Jersey barriers, which are often used in many areas today. The first of these variations is the constant slope barriers. Fixed slope barrier is made of concrete used in traffic and has a single slope. Being uncomplicated, it is not affected by rises in the roadbed. The other variation is the f-shaped barriers. This barrier is also known as the crash barrier. It is considered to be more reliable than the Jersey model.

Jersey barriers made of plastic instead of concrete can be transported. For this reason, it is preferred in short-term projects. It is filled with water to provide protection. Before being transported, the water inside is emptied. Sand can be filled instead of water. Although the purpose of use differs, it has a very low security compared to reinforced concrete barriers.

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