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Multipurpose Slipform Machine

As the name suggests, the multipurpose slipform machine is one of the equipment used for different purposes in the construction industry. Thanks to its many features, it is a useful machine for businesses. It helps to increase the volume of production and reduce the need for labor.

What is Multipurpose Slipform Machine?

The Multipurpose Slipform machine is one of the construction machines that is preferred and frequently used in the production of reinforced concrete structures. As the name suggests, it can be used for many different purposes. The areas where it is generally used are building, bridge and dam constructions. It is also frequently preferred in wall and fence constructions.

It has a formwork system for the construction of reinforced concrete structures. Molds are responsible for shaping the structure to be built. These molds are constantly moved during the application. In this way, it causes the structure to rise and have the desired shape. These machines have many advantages. It finalizes projects faster than traditional construction formats. It helps to reduce the need for labor. It ensures the construction of quality and correct structures.

Multipurpose Slipform Machine Usage Areas

Multipurpose slipform machines are one of the multi-directional construction equipment used in many different construction applications. This type of machines has the purpose of pouring and shaping concrete without the need for separate molds. The areas where the machine is used in general are as follows:

Tall Buildings

It is often preferred in the construction of high-rise buildings such as skyscrapers. It is actively used in the casting of the concrete core, which will provide the structural support and stability of the building.


It is used to form the buttresses, abutments and other parts of the bridges. Thanks to the continuous casting process, it helps the concrete to be in a solid and durable form. Thanks to its high technology, it ensures that the desired tissue is properly shaped.


It is often preferred in tunnel linings. It allows the mold to be poured by moving to the size of the tunnel. It performs the coating process continuously and properly.


It performs successfully in large-scale projects such as dams. It is preferred for concrete pouring of dams. It helps the concrete to be strong, durable and of proper shape.

Storage Tank

It can also be used when constructing tanks used for storage purposes such as silos. Thanks to the continuous casting process, it helps the structure to be built to be solid and properly shaped.

Multipurpose slipform Machines Benefits

Multipurpose slipform machines, which are frequently used in the construction industry, have many benefits. These benefits are:

First of all, these machines save time. It helps to conclude construction projects quickly and efficiently. It exhibits continuous working performance without the need for manual support. Its productivity is quite high. It helps to reduce the number of workers in projects. In this way, businesses reduce labor costs by employing fewer workers. Waste of material is also avoided.

Its high precision forms result in minimal errors. It precisely reveals the shapes and sizes needed in large projects. Because it can be used for many purposes, it is used in the construction of walls, gutters and barriers. It is suitable for working with different types of concrete. Thanks to its safety features, it prevents the occurrence of work accidents. Equipped with eco-friendly features.

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