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Half Section Concrete Finisher

Half section concrete finisher is used for smoothing concrete floors. This type of paver is generally used in large scale projects such as highways and airports. It travels on the surface and allows concrete or asphalt to be laid. It makes its correction by passing over the laid material. Its hydraulic system arms allow the material to be laid at the desired slope and thickness.

These machines, which are used in large-scale projects, are preferred to increase efficiency and reduce manpower costs. The pavers provide faster results than manually laid and smoothed concrete-asphalt applications. Configuration of blades and pallets is provided to provide the desired texture on the floor. These machines should be used by experienced operators who are experts in their fields. It is important for the operator to have a G class driver’s license as well as a construction machine license.

How Does the Application Perform?

The working principles of half section concrete finisher, which allow the concrete to be laid on the surface in the desired width and texture, are as follows:

The mixer, which mixes, condenses and homogenises the concrete, transfers the material to the conveyor section of the paver. Concrete material is transferred from the conveyor to the screw sections of the machine. The concrete placed in the mold is spread evenly over the entire mold so that the casting is even. It has vibration feature for regular and even distribution from the mold to the surface. With the support of the vibrators located in the upper part of the mold, the concrete is homogeneously distributed from the mold to the surface. The laying process is carried out with a sliding mold.

After the first paving, the paver is set to a higher setting. A second pass over the surface is made at the higher setting. With the second pass, the floor on the concrete is made smoother and firmer. Vibrators make the concrete more dense. Densified concrete also provides a firm surface.

Features of Half Section Concrete Finisher

Half section concrete finisher has many features. The most important of these features are:

  • Thanks to the automation system, it greatly reduces the workload of the operator.

  • Specially designed vibrators allow the concrete and asphalt to be spread regularly and evenly.

  • Thanks to its sensitive sensors, it achieves great success in narrow and risky paving operations.

  • Thanks to its advanced maneuverability, it provides the operator with the opportunity to maneuver even in narrow spaces.

  • Apart from narrow areas, it also provides safe use in risky construction sites.

  • It has useful features in terms of occupational safety.

  • Thanks to the double feeding conveyor option, the material volume can be increased.

Benefits of Half Section Finisher Concrete Finisher

Half section concrete finisher has many benefits. Primarily due to its versatility, it can be used in many projects involving concrete and asphalt. The mold used in the machine can be produced to be specific to each project. If it will be used while opening the canal, it can also be designed according to the requested canal dimensions.

Homogeneous compaction of concrete is ensured thanks to its vibrators producing high frequency vibration. In addition to compaction, it also helps to make the surface smooth. The mold in contact with the ground is made of wear-resistant material. Since hydraulic technology is used, almost half of the fuel is saved. Thanks to the sensor and automation system, the loss of concrete and asphalt is prevented.

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