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EU Stage 3 /

US Tier 3





High-quality concrete paving with cost-effective offset techniques.

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Why curbs are made?

Curbs are used to separate sidewalks and medians from the road, especially in the construction industry. These structural elements help to direct rainwater from the road surface towards the infrastructure, thus preventing puddling on the roads and allowing water to flow in an orderly manner. Usually made of durable materials such as concrete or granite, curbs are important for both infrastructural functionality and aesthetics. They are also used in home decoration, providing an aesthetic touch, such as stripes on the edges of carpets or ornaments on the edges of doors and windows.


Exhaust emissions category

EU Stage 3 / US Tier 3

Number of track units


Operating weight, CE

10500 kg


4 I

Hydraulic height adjustment

900 mm

Max. working speed

8 m/min.

Max. travel speed

20 m/min.

Max. mould width

3000 mm

Max. mould height

1300 mm

Height adjustment, mechanical

500 mm

Rated power

134.3 kW / 180 HP

Lateral adjustment of mould

700 mm

  • Benefits of roadside kerbs

    Roadside kerbs are an important part of urban planning and have many benefits. Firstly, curbs improve safety by separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They also play a critical role in diverting rainwater, preventing it from accumulating on the roads and improving driving conditions. Curbs also mark the transition between pavement and road, providing a safer walking space, especially for the visually impaired. Curbs also contribute to aesthetics and make the cityscape look organized and attractive. Finally, curbs help to protect infrastructure systems, helping to remove materials and debris that can damage water drainage channels. Curbs are therefore indispensable not only for traffic safety and water management, but also for urban aesthetics and infrastructure protection.

    Benefits of roadside kerbs
  • Concrete roads

    Concrete roads are one of the most important infrastructure elements of the modern world and offer many advantages such as longevity, durability and ease of maintenance. The use of concrete roads in Turkey is gaining prominence due to the economic benefits, such as the ability to produce them with local materials and save foreign currency. Concrete roads also have safety advantages, such as reduced braking distances and better handling performance in wet weather. As an environmentally friendly solution, concrete roads are also notable for their fire resistance and emission-free properties. It is known that Turkey has advantages in terms of resources and engineering in concrete road construction and has companies that can produce at European standards.

    Concrete roads