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Full Section Concrete Finisher

Full section concrete finisher is one of the equipment used in large-scale projects. It is used in projects where large-scale concrete is used abundantly, such as drinking water, irrigation and drainage canals, hydroelectric dams. The machine ensures that the concrete is poured evenly and smoothly on the desired surface. The poured concrete is smoothed with the help of the machine. The smoothing process is carried out with the help of vibrators in the machine.

How Does a Full Section Concrete Finisher Work?

Full section concrete finisher is one of the comprehensive industrial machinery. Therefore, it must be managed by professional operators. Since the machine is multifunctional, it can be used in both large and narrow scale projects. The working phase of the machine is as follows:

  • First of all, the homogenized low-solution concrete mixture is poured onto the paver’s conveyor. The unloading process is carried out by the concrete mixer.
  • The concrete on the conveyor must be transferred to the helix section by the operator.
  • The concrete in the helix is ​​spread evenly all over the mold.
  • Since the mold is supported by vibrators with vibration, the concrete is compacted homogeneously.
  • In the final stage, the compressed concrete is poured onto the ground with the help of sliding molds.

Full Section Concrete Finisher Features

Full section concrete finisher has a wide variety of features. The most important features are as follows:

Thanks to the automation system, the workload of the operator is reduced. Casting can be performed on autopilot. There are vibrators to reduce the bubbles and curvatures that occur in the concrete after pouring. The air bubbles in the concrete are destroyed by the vibration produced in the high frequency range. In this way, cracking and short-lived concrete are prevented. Thanks to the sensitive sensors, the amount of concrete to be poured is determined. Thanks to the sensors, the margins of error are eliminated.

It has a full section mold. Thanks to its advanced maneuverability, it can be used easily in areas with limited mobility. Thanks to its double feeding conveyor, it provides an efficient and fast operation.

What are the Advantages of Full Section Concrete Finisher?

Full section concrete finisher equipped with high technology has many advantages. Although these advantages vary from brand to brand and model to model, the main ones are as follows:

Vibrators that produce high-frequency vibrations ensure homogeneous compaction of concrete. In this way, the surface is made smooth after casting.

Durable materials are used to prevent the wear and tear of the mold in contact with the concrete.

The machine must be managed by an operator. There is a screen where the operator can easily manage the machine.

The machine is multipurpose. In this way, a single machine can be used in different projects and with different molds. It can be preferred in large-scale projects such as highways, canals and airports.

Since hydraulic technology is used, fuel is saved. The fuel consumption of the machine is reduced up to 40% thanks to the hydraulic components.

Thanks to the sensors designed with high technology, material waste is prevented. Thanks to automation control, concrete loss is prevented during pouring.

Molds can be added and removed in the machine. Depending on the scope of the project, the investor can enlarge or shrink the patterns.

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