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Geometri is a manufacturer of concrete finishing & paving machinery such as; Slip-form concrete finishers, concrete paving & lining channel finishers, concrete Curbers, Paving & curbing Equipment, Channel trimming machines, and Asphalt core dam finishers with multi-purpose applications and functions.
Geometri is a global brand that concerns with designing, producing, and developing instruments, equipment for concrete pavement and finishing sectors. Geometri's vision focused on quality, sustainability, and innovation to offer comprehensive and practical solutions for the construction sector generally and the concrete paving, Curbing, and finishing sector especially.
Since its establishment in 1992 and after having commenced production in 2010, Geometri offers valuable products by depending on the highest technology tools along with the experience of its professional engineering staff who knows customers' needs, markets' demands, ongoing developing future aspirations of the projects and construction and contracting investors.
Geometri exports its products to the whole world, especially to Europe , Southern America , Middel East and Asia. It aims a leadership in the world over with the advantage of special production capability suitable for each and every project with a unique design and utility.

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Geometri successfully supplies the world's requirements in a timely and sustainable manner with high-quality levels within the scope of quality policies for customers' satisfaction when producing in accordance with international standards in after-sales service and product reliability. In line with the principle of continuous development, it develops innovative projects that enable the product portfolio to be expanded and productivity to attain the maximum level possible.
Geometri products, having broken their own records with their recent sales, supports the financial advantages of its products at construction sites with concrete data.
Geometri demonstrates its pledge in its products with the consultancy services involved in the process of selection and recommendation for the best choice at the construction sites accordingly.
Geometri Machines remarkably stand out in many projects executed so far. With its knowledge and experience acquired in various projects, it was able to produce the world's largest full cross-section molded concrete paver.

With its focused quality, sustainability, and innovation goals, Geometri continues with design the future for concrete paving and finishing world successfully.

Asphalt Core Dam Finisher

The asphalt core dam finishers which is one of the equipment used in the construction industry, is one of the most comprehensive machines. It is widely used especially in projects with large scope such as dams, hydroelectric power plants, highways and airports. These machines are preferred for smooth and smooth spreading of asphalt on the surface. Thanks to its compression feature, it ensures that the surface is durable and long-lasting. Since it is used in large-scale projects, it is more costly than other pavers. Machine stands out with its wide working area, high sensitivity, core form and easy portability. It is widely used in large construction sites with its many advantages.

What is Asphalt Core Dam Finisher?

Asphalt core dam finisher is one of the comprehensive equipment used in the construction industry. This high-tech machine is used for compacting and smoothing asphalt surfaces. By acting on the surfaces, it provides the flattening of the asphalt with its weight. It also helps to spread the asphalt evenly and evenly. The machine used in large-scale projects is generally preferred on road, highway and airport runways. It helps asphalt works to be completed in a short time and efficiently. It is preferred to obtain quality results. It is used for the longevity of the surface.

Features of Asphalt Core Dam Finisher

Asphalt core dam finishers have many features. Most of these features are of paramount importance. The prominent features of the machines are as follows: • The nucleated forms have high precision. • The high-tech machine spreads the asphalt evenly. • Thanks to its adjustable scope, it can be used to create asphalt surfaces of various sizes. • Although it is one of the costly machines, it is durable and long-lasting equipment.

Asphalt Core Dam Finisher’s Advantages and Disadvantages

High precision asphalt core dam finishers used on large-scale projects have many advantages. Besides the advantages, there are also negative features that should be considered. The main advantages of the machine are: Thanks to its high sensitivity, it detects even the smallest slope on the surface. It helps to pour asphalt more precisely. It ensures that the surface has a high quality. It helps to reduce the overall cost as it enables the projects to be completed in a short time. It can pour asphalt quickly and in large quantities. It can be used to control the quality of asphalts. It is an auxiliary equipment for businesses that want to obtain high quality floors. Ideal for long-term use. Its core structure allows it to be used for many years. The disadvantages of asphalt core dam pavers are as follows: It has a high cost compared to many construction equipment. Therefore, it is not used in small-scale projects. It is generally used in large scale projects. Time and extra costs may be encountered as it needs regular maintenance. Experienced personnel are required for the use of the machine. In order not to encounter errors during use, expert operators must be employed. The machine cannot be used in all seasons. It is not possible to use it especially in rainy weather.


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Geometri, which has become a preferred brand by signing quality, ergonomic and economical solutions, is taking firm steps forward on the way it believes in the future by gain the trust of its customers.


We can meet all your business expectations and manage processes: operation preparation execution plan , assembly and refurbishment.


Geometri, which has become a preferred brand by signing quality, ergonomic and economical solutions, is taking firm steps forward on the way it believes in the future by gain the trust of its customers.
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