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Curber Finisher

Curber finisher, which are used in important road and construction projects, play a key role in completing projects in a short time. Especially useful in the construction of airport apron, roads, drainage channels, cable channels, road borders and barriers, the pavers work effectively thanks to their slipform systems. Curber pavers with sliding formwork; It is preferred in v type trench, new jersey type barrier, border, tunnel cable channel and road works. The pavers, which enable on-site concrete casting thanks to their slip-form systems, provide production according to the mold used in the project. It is also frequently used in trapezoidal canal, curtain wall, parapet railing, walkway and irrigation canal projects. It carries out aesthetically high quality productions by maximizing the concrete quality. It produces fast solutions at low cost. It shows high maneuverability in narrow areas where movement is restricted with its walking system consisting of 3 separate pallets.

Slipform Curb Finisher

For effective concrete curb constructions, slipform curber finisher is recommended. These pavers are highly effective compared to labor force and cost less in the long run. Machines with sliding molds have become the first choice in the production of borders with aesthetic texture. The concrete mortars used in these machines have the feature of hardening in a short time and having low precipitation. The homogeneous concrete is placed directly into the sliding molds. The paver, which is ready, starts placing concrete. Concrete curbs prevent the surface from deteriorating. It also helps direct rainwater to the right water channels.

Slipform Curb Equipment

Depending on the project, the equipment needed for curber finisher will vary. At this stage, the budget in the project should be taken into account when choosing the right equipment. Equipment used in average budgets: curb equipment, curb, conveyor, curb and gutter machines on pallets. These machines have the capacity to work in tight spaces. It adapts to harsh conditions thanks to its maneuverability. Advanced machines with GPS capability are also produced. Things to consider before purchasing a paver include: • What is the speed of the paver? • What is the production volume of the equipment? • What are the features of the sliding molding machine? • What are the minimum and maximum production size?

Benefits of Using a Curb Finisher

Concretes obtained with curber finisher drain water better than other concrete curbs. Therefore, it increases efficiency in production. It provides more production in less time. Minimizes concrete waste. A machine can produce concrete in different sections with more than one mold. It has vibration for a healthy insertion. In this way, it helps to eliminate air gaps and bubbles. It has sliding molds of various sizes. Other benefits are: • Curber paver makes the pavement surface strong. • It provides compression of the sub-surface and limits flexibility to such an extent that it is eliminated. • Curbs will preserve the structure of the curb edges. • It eliminates side slopes that occur in drainage ditches. • It minimizes drainage maintenance costs. • In extreme weather conditions, it reduces the amount of deposits and erosion going down the drain. • Indicates the edges of the curb for drivers in the dark. • It requires less manpower. • It reduces the consumption of limited materials such as steel and wood.