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Curb And Gutter Machine

Curb and gutter machine are specially designed equipment for making borders and gutters on roads, parking lots. With these machines, concrete and asphalt strips are laid by creating borders. It is also preferred in the construction of different structures such as landscaping and drainage channels.

These equipment, which has a conveyor system, turns the concrete-asphalt mixture into a border. Its height and shape are adjusted by an operator. There are several different curb and groove machine types to be used for different purposes. There are devices with V, U-shaped profiles. Some machines are suitable for flat surfaces, while others are suitable for use on slopes. It has become popular in the construction field in recent years, thanks to its reduction in labor cost.

What is Curb and Gutter Machine?

Curb and Gutter machine is one of the construction equipment used to make special shapes and grooves on the edges of hard materials such as concrete, asphalt or pavement. Thanks to this machine, smooth and smooth shaped surfaces are made on the stone. The edges of the material are flattened and shaped. These machines are generally used actively in environmental areas such as gardens, roads and parks.

The curb machine, which has a motorized operating system, has high-speed rotating discs in the form of gears. It carries out the process of shaping the edges by moving over the concrete and asphalt. It performs the shaping process with blades and molds of various sizes. This machine is usually used by an operator. The maneuverability of the device is strong and fast compared to many construction equipment.

Curb and Gutter Machine Types

Curb and gutter machine has different types depending on their usage purposes and areas. These types are generally as follows: Fixed Gutter Machine: This type is configured to be operated in a single location. It is generally employed in industrial construction projects. Portable Gutter Machine: Due to its portable feature, it is often actively used in small-scale projects. It has wheels and different transport systems for easy transport. Hydraulic Gutter Machine: The energy that drives this type of machine is hydraulic pumps and cylinders. It is used in large-scale works because it provides high speed and power with its strong energy. Manul Gutter Machine: This machine is used manually. It is generally preferred in small-scale jobs as labor is needed. Its cost is low.

Benefits of Curb and Gutter Machine

The use of a curb and gutter machine has many benefits to businesses and the environment. These benefits are generally as follows:

  • Curb and gutter machines are very useful for industrial-scale jobs.

  • Due to their high speed working capacity and sensitive structure, their productivity in production is quite high.

  • It creates products with high quality and smooth appearance by creating work in precise proportions. Quality, smooth products are also of great importance in the industrial world.

  • It saves labor and time during production. In this way, the production costs of the enterprises are reduced.

  • Energy-saving technology structures exhibit an environmentally friendly production profile during production. It causes less damage to the environment compared to many construction equipment.