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Concrete Vibrators

Concrete vibrators are one of the mechanical tools that work on suitable ground with vibration. These machines used in industrial areas have many different models and brands. Thanks to the machine, the concrete is placed in the molds in such a way that there are no gaps. It fulfills its functions by the vibrations it produces. It has a very important place in the construction industry due to the benefits it provides in concrete casting.

After the concrete is poured, many bubbles form inside the mold. These bubbles are sent out by the concrete vibrator. With the vibration and shaking provided by the machine, the bubbles are eliminated. As the bubbles disappear, the concrete is placed firmly. It is recommended to use the machine after concrete is poured.

Vibrators have different usage areas. There are different types depending on the usage area. For this reason, it is recommended to do research before purchasing the machine.

Features of Concrete Vibrator

Concrete vibrators are one of the important tools used in industrial and construction areas. The most common usage area is concrete floors in construction. The main feature of the machine is to compact the poured concrete. The density of the concrete is increased by the compaction process. It produces a high amount of adherence on cold jointed surfaces. Increases durability.

It creates a high level of strong adherence to the steel in the structure. Even if the mixtures are dry, they can be processed thanks to the concrete vibrator. It is resistant to high amount of pressure. It achieves homogeneity in concrete. Many other features vary according to the brand of the machine and the area of ​​use. Among the most commonly used models are gasoline and electric vibrators.

Concrete Vibrator Types

Types of concrete vibrators have a fairly wide catalog. Vibrators used in construction; It varies according to interior, exterior, surface and concrete type. When choosing a machine, the process and method are generally taken into account. Vibrators are in different categories as gasoline and electric. Concrete vibrator types are as follows:

• Table,
• Hand carry,
• Mold and outer surface,
• Self-converter,
• Shoulder type.

The type used in construction sites is the type of vibrator called needle or plunger. It is used at the stage of placing the concrete in the mold. This device, which produces high-frequency vibration, includes power part, hose and head. Mold and external surface vibrators are mounted outside the mold. It undertakes the task of compressing the concrete over the formwork. As the vibrator works on the die, most of the energy is wasted. For this reason, it is generally used in areas where an internal vibrator is not practical.

Concrete Vibrator Usage

The usage patterns of concrete vibrators vary according to their types. Each model has its own unique way of working. While the concrete is wet, the vibrator is started. Thanks to the vibration, it is aimed to eliminate the bubbles in the concrete. When the process is completed, the concrete takes its solid form. During casting, experts recommend regular and continuous use of the vibration machine.

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