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Concrete Paver

When it comes to concrete paver, machines with large dimensions come to mind. Pavers are one of the most versatile construction equipment. The machine is not only used for concrete casting. It is also a functional device that helps when laying asphalt. The concrete paver, which is used in the construction of structures such as roads, canals, dams and airports, saves both time and material. Although these machines, which are found in small quantities in Turkey, are costly, they provide cost savings in the long run. In order to use the machine, people must have operator documents.

There are some points to consider when using the paver. First of all, the settings of the machine should be checked before starting the casting process. By adjusting the casting width, the table system should be heated. If the table is not heated, the material will stick to the bottom plates. The table should be adjusted according to the thickness preferred in casting. When asphalt is laid instead of concrete, the lower edges of the spiral blades should be 5 cm above the casting thickness. During casting, the speed of the machine should be at a constant level.

Concrete Paver Models

Slipform concrete paver is among the most preferred paver models. The capacity of the machine, which is generally used in large-scale projects, is quite high. It is designed to be used in the construction of structures such as airport runways, highways and streets. Their weight is around 30 tons on average. It can pour concrete or asphalt to a depth of 50 centimeters. It has a structure that will allow large-scale projects to be completed in a short time. It provides convenience in transporting and loading the material. It can change the casting width in a very short time. Thanks to its hydraulic components, productivity and efficiency can be increased. With its electronic and hydraulic attachments, it helps the construction sites to be completed in a short time.

The paver can process on more than one mold at the same time. The molds slide over the poured concrete or asphalt and perform the smoothing and compaction process. These molds are usually made of metal or aluminum. It can be of different sizes depending on the type of project. The motor system of the paver allows the formwork to slide over the concrete. This part is usually equipped with hydraulic systems.

Benefits of Concrete Pavers

Concrete paver has many benefits for both highway and transportation structure. These construction equipment, which makes the surface smooth, have different models in different brands. The benefits of the machine are:

It shortens the application process as it smoothes the concrete or asphalt surface quickly and effectively.

It is highly effective and less costly than human-powered straightening.

Provides removal of roughness on the concrete surface. In this way, it is ensured that both pedestrians and vehicles can travel safely.

It ensures efficient use of the material. Minimizes concrete waste.

How to Use a Concrete Paver?

Since the concrete paver is among the professional construction equipment, it must be used by the operators. The management of the machine by operators with a license is important in terms of occupational safety.

The machine must be used after the concrete has been poured. After 24 to 48 hours from the casting process, the leveling process is carried out with the paver. It is very important for the quality of the work that the molds and pallet are clean during casting and flattening.

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