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Concrete Finisher

Concrete finisher; It is one of the very important construction equipment used for laying areas such as highways, roads and airfields. Another known name is asphalt paving machine. It is generally used in concrete and asphalt casting. It can be used not only for surfaces such as roads, but also in many construction sites where asphalt and concrete are used.

The paver ensures that the newly poured concrete or asphalt is flat and homogeneous. It is one of the construction tools used for smooth appearance. It is preferred in large scale projects. There are different models depending on the usage area. Among the most important models are offset type slipform and slipform track pavers.

Concrete Finisher Models

Offset slipform: The offset slipform concrete finisher carries the concrete into the formwork with a loading belt. On the other hand, there are models that carry the concrete to the sliding mold over the feeding helix. The offset piece on the paver can be mounted on the left or right side of the implement. The mold to be used in the device can be in different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose of use. It is produced from offset profile casting.

Slipform molded between pallets: In this type of paver models, concrete is placed in front of the equipment. Concrete pouring is done by spreading auger or plow. The shaking section in the machine thickens the concrete. The mold shapes the concrete. The super trowel ensures that the surface becomes smooth. Concrete laying is carried out in two layers.

Curing: After the concrete is laid, the curing machine provides the requested surface structure. As the dispersion sprays while shaping, the concrete is prevented from drying out immediately. Brush or artificial grass is generally used for the desired surface shape.

Side feeding: From time to time, reinforcement is needed while concrete is being laid. The concrete paver used at this stage is a side feeding device. The side feed moves from the front of the molded paver.

Concrete Finishing Equipments

Concrete finishing equipment is the equipment used to make the surface smooth after the concrete is laid. Different tools can be used to make the surface textured or smooth. These equipment can be different from small projects to large projects.

Hand-held trowel blades are generally used in small-scale plastering works. It is produced from wood, plastic or steel. It is preferred to obtain a polished surface on concrete. Electric trowels are also used for finishing the concrete. Vibrating concrete levelers also provide leveling of concrete by vibration. It is generally used in pavement works. In large-scale projects, concrete finisher machines are used. Such machines are preferred in road and airfield constructions.

Concrete Finisher Advantages

The concrete finisher used in large-scale construction projects provides high efficiency. It helps to smooth and compact asphalt or concrete (material used). Thanks to automation technology, it needs less human power. It reduces the curvatures on the concrete floor.

Workers make less effort while laying concrete. Time saving is achieved as the concrete laying process will take a shorter time. The project is completed in less time. Thanks to its mechanical technology, less harm is done to the environment. Although the investment is costly, it allows the entrepreneur to save labor and time in the long run.

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