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Canal Trimming Machine

Canal trimming machine is one of the important industrial machines used to straighten the canal line and form the canal bed. It is designed to provide water flow in the canal and to eliminate canal blockages. The machine is equipped with various equipment and amphibious platform for excavation and dredging operations. The features of the machines vary depending on the brand and model. The main parts of the machine are:

Excavation piece: The trencher is equipped with excavators to remove the deposits from the trench bed. There are capped inserts for picks and shovels on the piece.
Dredger: There is cutter dredging equipment to remove accumulated soil, mud and plants. These parts serve to remove the material at the bottom of the canal and to discharge it to a different place.
Weed removal part: Many canal trimmers have special cutting blades to clean the plants that block the water flow. Knives are located in mechanical arms.
Collector: Trimming machines have compartments where dredged soil and plant parts are collected. Materials accumulated in these compartments can be transported for discharge.

Advantages of Canal Trimming Machine Equipment

Constructed canals have different dimensions and features. Therefore, different equipment is needed in canal construction. Different types of canals are constructed from small irrigation canals to large canals. Canal trimming machine equipment should be used to minimize the cost in canal construction. These equipments provide economic savings due to many reasons.

• It minimizes concrete losses.
• Increases the concrete coating quality.
• It supports the ground integrity of the surface.
• It reduces the need for manpower in the construction project.
• Greatly reduces the process of covering the duct with concrete.

Trimming Machine for Small Canal

The base width of small canals varies from 30 cm to 2.30 m. All kinds of structures, from narrow concrete-lined irrigation canals to main canals, are considered within the scope of small canals. Small canals are built on compacted concrete in a conventional layout.

The canal trimming machine digs canal sections in three ways. The conventional excavator with bucket carefully digs the trench section. The section opened with a concrete coating machine is filled. Using a single pass while opening the canal increases efficiency. The machine used to straighten canals and waterways helps to ensure proper water flow. It also prevents the formation of canal blockages. The machine designed for small canals has a compact structure. It is mounted on the chassis or vehicle for easy maneuverability.

Trimming Machine for Large Canal

Large canals contain many canals, from power canals to secondary canals. These canals have an average depth of 2.5 meters and a bottom width of 2.5 meters. Depending on the dimensions of the canal to be built, a canal is excavated in a single pass or in more than one pass. The amount of clipping of the canal; It varies according to the width of the base, the structure of the ground and the amount of filling.

Depending on the canal size, the right canal trimming machine is selected. Frame size and undercarriage components are considered when selecting duct equipment. That’s why most of the canal trimming machines produced today are versatile. Due to their versatility, they are preferred in many large-scale projects.

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