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Border Paver

Border paver used in road construction and landscaping is one of the important construction site machines. The paver helps to lay pavements neatly at the roadside. It supports the completion of large-scale road construction projects in a short time. It plays a role in producing, laying and compacting concrete stones. Border pavers are equipped with hydraulic systems. It has high productivity thanks to its ergonomic structure. Straightening and clamping parts with automation system provide support to the operators. Thanks to its molds of different widths, a machine can be used for different purposes.

Benefits of Border Paver

Border paver hosts many advantages in its content. The most important of these benefits are: • It reduces the need for manpower in construction sites. • Border placement operations are carried out effectively in a short time. • Since the paved road is of high quality, it can be used in a healthy way for many years. • Long-lasting road maintenance costs are low. • Thanks to the paver, the road has an aesthetic appearance. • It establishes occupational safety by minimizing work accidents. • Plates with vibration successfully perform the placement and compaction works.

Fast and Efficient Applications

Border paver, which are frequently preferred in the construction industry today, enable effective and fast applications. It increases the durability of concrete as it performs border laying operations with vibration. Thanks to its sliding molds, it increases the production volume. Its molds help the produced product to have a visually aesthetic texture. The daily production capacity varies depending on the cross section. The paver promises high production capacity with little labor. Many other advantages also make the use of border pavers popular. In addition to the completion of the projects in a short time, the paver operator ensures that the project is completed with an average of 3 people. Production is carried out in many sections with a single machine. Efficiency and fast depreciation are achieved because a single machine is used for different sections. The fast maneuverability of the paver also ensures efficiency in production.

Apron Concrete Pouring with Paver

The working systems of the border pavers are self-propelled. It has sections with different molds according to the application project. They help jeans production with determined die sections. The homogeneous concrete is transferred to the hopper of the screw conveyor. Thanks to the vibration, the homogeneous concrete is transferred to the mold and compressed. At this stage, the paver begins to advance. It carries out the production of concrete in the desired form by advancing at the determined level. The working style of curb pavers is based on the logic of formwork. Depending on the capacity of the machine, concrete sections of 2.5 meters horizontally and 2.5 meters vertically are produced. It helps to reduce costs in the long run by reducing the need for labor. Between concrete sections; There are parts such as barrier, border, pavement, median, bicycle path, v-ditch, trapezoidal channel. Production dimensions of the machine can be increased depending on the project. Although the production volume varies from brand and model to model, a machine has an average volume of 240 meters per hour.