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Asphalt Core Dam

Asphalt core dam application, which is frequently preferred in European countries, has started to be implemented in Turkey today. It is estimated that asphalt core dam material will be used in many dams to be built in the coming years. It is among the popular options in the construction industry due to the extremely low amount of leakage.

There are many factors that will affect the type of dam. These factors include land type, surrounding natural resources, budget and cost table, etc. can be sorted. In order for the asphalt core dam to be built, factors such as the absence of a clay quarry in the region, abundant rock resources and the unsuitability of the land for concrete casting may need to be present.

Asphalt Core Dam Finisher

Finisher are used in asphalt core dam applications. These pavers, which are one of the important equipment of the construction industry, help the asphalt to combine by heating the asphalt. Since there is a specially designed insulation material on the bunker, the temperature of the asphalt can be protected for a long time. Since the banker mouth is wide, filling can be done while the equipment is open. For this reason, time is saved and there is no disruption during the process.

The fan in the paver ensures that the materials and dust left over from the previous casting are removed. In this way, maximum quality is obtained in the asphalt to be laid. The bunker allows asphalt to be laid on both sides. Tamper structure ensures the compaction of the ground thanks to its high frequency. Mold design is made in suitable dimensions for each project. Thanks to the developments in technology, the paver works in automatic mode in the automation system. Precise work is done with the sensors in the paver.

Asphalt Core Dam Advantages

Asphalt core dam has many advantages in its content. First of all, the permeability rate is extremely low. Less used compared to clay core. In this way, time and cost savings are achieved. The cost and time savings make the core asphalt more preferable.

Another advantage is that it is compatible with harsh weather conditions. It is extremely important that it resists harsh conditions. For example, while clay core material cannot be laid in rainy weather, such a problem is not encountered in asphalt. Asphalt can be poured even in rainy weather. In this way, time is saved and extra costs are not dealt with.

Thanks to its enormous durability, it prevents malfunctions. It does not get old thanks to its resistance to extreme weather conditions. It needs less maintenance. Although it is not flexible, it is quite resistant to pressure. For this reason, it is the right choice for dams to be built especially in earthquake zones.

Asphalt Core Dam Disadvantages

Although the asphalt core dam has many advantages, some disadvantages should also be known. The most notable disadvantage of the material is that it is imported. Since the material is imported, the price varies. The price fluctuates depending on the exchange rate differences. Another disadvantage is that asphalt casting is long and difficult in summer. It takes a long time for the layer to cool down in summer heat. Therefore, a limited amount of work can be done during the day. For this reason, autumn and winter months should generally be preferred for application.

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