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Airport Finisher

Airport finisher is one of the industrial vehicles used to pour asphalt or concrete on the ground. The raw processed concrete or asphalt is poured onto the ground thanks to the vehicle. The poured material takes its final shape thanks to the vehicle. The paver, which performs shaping and compacting operations, is preferred because it is both fast and requires less manpower. Although the models of many companies that design pavers differ today, they have an average casting width of up to 13 meters depending on the model.

The finisher is also used in the construction of airport aprons and highways, as well as runways. Thanks to its hydraulic arms, it can move up and down. The hydraulic arms also determine how thick the material is to be poured. The hydraulic structure helps to pour concrete or asphalt in the desired thickness according to the slope and thickness. It provides an average of 80% slope.

What is an Airport Finisher?

The airport finisher is used in the construction of runways. The equipment used in laying the asphalt and concrete, which are the basic materials of the runways, also have different features. Since they are equipped with hydraulic systems, they pour the material according to the desired thickness and slope in the project. Performs correction operations after asphalt or concrete is laid. With the vibration mechanism in its structure, it makes the spilled materials vibrate and become smooth. In many projects that need concrete and asphalt, support is received from the pavers.

• Tilting rates vary according to the model, but average 80%.

• The laying width can be up to a maximum of 15 meters.

• The larger the pave width dimension, the higher the material capacity.

The average casting speed of airport pavers offered for sale in the market today is measured as 20 meters per minute. Storage hoppers vary between 5 and 15 tons.

Airport Finisher Types

Airport finisher used in concrete and asphalt pouring have different models. Pavers of this model are used on construction sites from small-scale projects to large projects. These models are:

Manually operated walking pavers are often used on small projects. The worker pushes the machine and makes corrections to the concrete. In large-scale projects, slipform concrete pavers are generally used. Although the casting width varies according to the model, it varies between 2 meters and 12 meters. Therefore, it is generally suitable for use in large projects (such as airports and highways).

Concrete or asphalt is laid at the desired thickness and slope. The sliding mold mechanism is equipped with hydraulic systems. Hydraulic arms are also used to spread the concrete evenly and smoothly on the ground. It provides cost savings by preventing the waste of concrete and asphalt.

Airport Finisher Operation

The airport finisher is tasked with spreading and compacting the concrete or asphalt as it progresses. The machine works to shape the concrete at the desired level. Both the slip-form and fixed-die machines operate regularly, ensuring that the surface is smooth. For this reason, the machine must move at a constant speed during casting. Slipform pavers should have speeds in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 meters per minute.

Since the machine pours the material that directly affects the surface, it is necessary to consider external factors. Among these factors; load pressure, vibration, position, sensitivity and stability.

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