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June 2023

Asphalt core dam application, which is frequently preferred in European countries, has started to be implemented in Turkey today. It is estimated that asphalt core dam material will be used in many dams to be built in the coming years.

Concrete finisher; It is one of the very important construction equipment used for laying areas such as highways, roads and airfields. Another known name is asphalt paving machine. It is generally used in concrete and asphalt casting. It can be

Full section concrete finisher is one of the equipment used in large-scale projects. It is used in projects where large-scale concrete is used abundantly, such as drinking water, irrigation and drainage canals, hydroelectric dams. The machine ensures that the concrete

Today, slipform concrete finisher is used for the construction of structures such as roads, bridges, parking lots, airports in a short time. These machines perform the laying of asphalt or concrete. It lays the asphalt or concrete at the desired

Airport finisher is one of the industrial vehicles used to pour asphalt or concrete on the ground. The raw processed concrete or asphalt is poured onto the ground thanks to the vehicle. The poured material takes its final shape thanks

Curber finisher, which are used in important road and construction projects, play a key role in completing projects in a short time. Especially useful in the construction of airport apron, roads, drainage channels, cable channels, road borders and barriers, the

Border paver used in road construction and landscaping is one of the important construction site machines. The paver helps to lay pavements neatly at the roadside. It supports the completion of large-scale road construction projects in a short time. It

New Jersey barrier is generally used to regulate traffic on highways. It is produced from concrete in order to reduce the damage caused by the vehicle in the event of an accident. The barrier has a unique slope against damage

When it comes to concrete paver, machines with large dimensions come to mind. Pavers are one of the most versatile construction equipment. The machine is not only used for concrete casting. It is also a functional device that helps when